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The principal beliefs and oath of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Iran

I swear to Iran that I will follow the principal believes of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Iran. Which is based on a historical culture of freedom and diversity and that I will work for the betterment of the citizens of Iran and mankind. Because, in this form of government the state derives its power through it’s citizens by elections while the King provides historical, cultural, diversity and equality guidance for the government and citizens of Iran.
Therefore, Iran’s flourishing of the earth is subject to the following conditions and loyalty to their implementation.

1. Respect and belief in the Flame of Shear (Lion) and Khorshed (Sun) and the three colors of the flag of Iran.
2. Acceptance and belief in the integrity and preservation of the territory of Iran to include the land, air and sea. This also includes the preservation of the resources and wealth of Iran.
3. Separation of religions and ideologies from all levels of government.
4. Implement the Declaration of Human rights for the benefit of all in Iran.
5. Acceptance and establishment of democracy, social, cultural, religious and trade liberties with an emphasis on individual rights and equal opportunities.
6. To allow all citizens of Iran the ability to provide input in the creation of the “Document” which will be provided to the representatives of the Constituent Assembly for guidance in the drafting the new Iranian Constitution as it adheres to the principal beliefs as stated earlier.
7. Belief in an official language of Iran and support of local languages. The Persian language is to be the official language of the courts. While, citizens can use and teach in other languages in addition to Persian in any part of Iran.
8. Strive to maintain the preservation of history, culture, friendship cooperation and respect for each other so as the allow Iran to flourish as a nation and be recognized as leader in Human rights worldwide.
9. Provinces free to hold elections for administrative operations and implement plans & policies which align with the central government of Iran. These elections will be held in coordination with the central government of Iran and Independent Human Rights groups in Iran.
10. To strive for equitable distribution of wealth obtain from the natural resources of Iran. So long as it aligns with paragraph 5 of this document.

By accepting the above beliefs I swear to Iran as an Iranian citizen that I will strive to achieve these goals so that Iran will be recognized as a leader in Human rights and Democracy.

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